October’s Second Saturday Night Out! in downtown Sonora

October 7, 2010
By BZ Smith

Sonora's Red Church, reflected in a Christmas Ball, by Geoff Wynne of the George Post Gallery

Central Sierra Arts Council is very excited!  October marks a monumental event–All six downtown Sonora galleries will be open on the same evening.  Here at CSAC we hope that this is the start of something really big–A real live Art Walk Night for our rickety little town.

And what a lot there is to do!  Even if every other shop is asleep, the galleries will be hopping…

The Aloft Art Gallery, which represents 50+ local artists in various media, located in a prime spot at Sonora’s downtown traffic light: 167 S. Washington St. (209)588-8604. The Aloft Art Gallery is a project of the Mother Lode Art Association and its members.  MLAA is just about ready to host its annual art show, plus they maintain a wonderful display window for their members at Servente’s Bar on Washington St.

Backspace Boutique & Gallery, an upscale shop with fun clothes and lovely contemporary art. Right now featuring the landscape paintings of Columbia College art instructor Lori Hanson. 67 S. Washington St. (209)532-4894.  You can also find out more about this gallery at Facebook!  ”Shop Girls” Lissa Anderson and Lauren Kruger have pulled together an inspiring vision of blending trendy outerwear with incredible Wall-Wear.

The George Post Gallery, which is our own offering! Now representing 18 artists in a wide array of styles and disciplines, our gallery is a nonprofit cooperative project of Central Sierra Arts Council.  We’re located at 48 S. Washington St. (209)532-ARTS/2787.  Our email address is <post@centralsierraarts.org>.  Our gallery is dedicated to the memory and legacy of George Post, one of California’s premiere expressionist watercolorists and an instructor at the Oakland College of Arts & Crafts (now the California College of Art).  The gallery is a part of CSAC’s community education and awareness project to bring greater understanding and appreciation of the arts to our community.

New Resolutions Photography & Gallery, 61 N. Washington St, (209)532-3638.  This is Sonora’s newest gallery and is committed to creating a strong presence for an emerging Youth Art Scene in downtown Sonora.  Exclusively featuring the works of under 35′s, New Resolutions is soon to be the home of the HillPeople Collective, a new cooperative that is being incubated by Joel and Chelsea Wilde, Zac Calbert and Mindy Marlowe, all amazingly creative young artists. This is the place for a fresh sound when the music hops on concert nights, the place for a new view on what art is expressing.

Studio B,  the home of six wonderfully talented and dedicated women.  This is not only gallery space, but also the working studio space of these talented folks. Visitors can enjoy the exhibition of many works while simultaneously seeing other works in progress and talking to the artists about their processes up close and personal.  Canvases, paints, easels all around!  The gallery is located on the top floor of the Historic Bradford Building.  Use the 19 W. Bradford Avenue entrance.

The Ventana Art Gallery, owned and operated by art curator Dennis Garcia. A very talented and prolific artist in his own right, Garcia is also a well-respected art historian, art restoration specialist and art purveyor. His gallery maintains a lovely collection of exquisite contemporary art and historic paintings.  Located in the Historic Bradford Building, The Ventana Art Gallery can be accessed through The George Post Gallery or by way of the 19 W. Bradford Avenue entrance. (209)588-0297.

In addition to our downtown gallery scene, visitors and locals alike can also see art in these great spaces:

The Diamondback Grill

Stage 3 Theatre Lobby

Talulah’s Restaurant.

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