ARTS-Reach to Schools Shows Its Stuff with Local Students!

November 6, 2010
By BZ Smith

Mountain Oaks Academy students learn about value in art

Joyful faces show pride and accomplishment!

ARTS-Reach to Schools is one of Central Sierra Arts Council’s most loved programs.  This year ARTS-Reach celebrates its 20th anniversary. Your membership to Central Sierra Arts Council helps support THIS program! All donations and memberships given before December 20th, 2010, will be doubled by The Wise Family Charitable Trust!

ARTS-Reach to Schools instructor Dianne Stearns never stops!  This woman is a creative powerhouse, and is one of ARTS-Reach to Schools most beloved teachers.  One school, Mountain Oaks Academy, uses their ARTS-Reach to Schools funding to have Dianne visit their small charter-school program for regular art lessons.

Recently Dianne worked with her Mountain Oaks students to create torn paper collages that formed self-portraits. Working with 15 students, ages 7-17, Dianne began by having students photograph each other.  The photos were printed in black and white, then slipped into styrene sleeves.  Next this Art Wonder Woman took her students on an adventure to learn how to analyze the photo images, to study the value of the shading in each image.  Then she and her students created a bunch of torn paper scraps that could echo the correct values of the photos.

Dianne had this to say “Next the kids created their self-portrait colleges by layering the torn scraps over the photos.  In some examples you can really see the resemblance.  In others, not as much. But each student created a sophisticated piece of art!  This lesson was a complete success. The students’ pride was so vivid!  Their new knowledge, enduring.”  Learn more about Dianne’s work at her website:

Thanks, Dianne Stearns! You are always an inspiration!"

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