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In March 2010 CSAC began development of Art Partners: Arts groups or arts organizations who have focused interests that support CSAC’s overall mission.  Our Art Partners do not have their own 501c3 Non-Profit status.  Instead, they are working with CSAC for fiscal support, the opportunity to apply for grants using our 501c3, and for promotional support.  We hope that over time, CSAC will be in a position to start a re-granting program where we would be able to apply for grants that would be funneled to CSAC Art Partners. By extablishing our Art Partners program, we’re taking the first step in that direction.

As of April 2010 we had accepted two organizations as Art Partners: REVAMP Recyclery and The Word Project. We’re working with each group to develop a Memorandum of Understanding that outlines both CSAC’s goals and needs and the group’s goals and needs.  By outlining “who does what” we have a chance to make these partnerships work for both CSAC and the individual groups.

In August 2010 CSAC’s third and fourth ART Partner joined forces with Central Sierra Arts Council: Sonora Art Trails and Tuolumne Veterans’ History Project.

If you are a part of an arts group or arts organization that would like to discuss becoming a CSAC Art Partner, please contact us at <> or call us at 209.532.ARTS(2787).  At this time, we can only support a limited number of Art Partners, but contact us and…let’s talk!

Three of our current Art Partners already have their own websites:

REVAMP Recyclery

Sonora ART Trails

Tuolumne Veterans History Project

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