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ad-vo-cate (noun): 1. A person, who publicly supports a particular cause or policy  2. A person who pleads on someone else’s behalf.

Are you ready to become an ADVOCATE FOR THE ARTS?  To speak up in public about your support of the arts?  To plead on behalf of the many people who benefit from strong arts programs and organizations?

We hope so!  At this new CSAC Website page, we’ll post important information on ways that you can ADVOCATE FOR THE ARTS!  We all need to join together to let elected officials, public officers and local business leaders understand the power of the arts.  We need to let them know that we want to live in a community, a state, a nation that places value and priority on THE ARTS!

One way to begin is through education.  Visit the CALIFORNIA ARTS ADVOCACY website for a wealth of information:  Keep posted on what legislation is going to affect the arts. Then contact your state and national representatives to let them know your position on the importance of the arts.


NOW is the time to contact your state senator to ask for his/her support of SB 1076.

Passage of this senate bill will allow our state to put a check box on the bottom of the California State Income Tax form, giving Californians the opportunity to make an immediate voluntary donation to the California Arts Council.  Those monies would then be distributed to various local arts agencies, such as Central Sierra Arts Council.  This is a very simple, effective way to strengthen our state’s presence in the arts.  URGE YOUR STATE SENATOR TO VOTE “YES” ON SB 1076!

Tuolumne County’s state senator is Dave Cogdill, representing the 14th CA Senate District. Here is his contact information:

Mailing Address:

State Capitol, Room 5097, Sacramento, CA 95814



Senator Cogdill’s website address is

by B.Z. Smith, CSAC general Board Member <>

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