Plus Size Tunics: Dressing Up Tips You Can Never Go Wrong With


For women size 6 and smaller, wearing any type of clothing may not be a problem. But for those who are considered “plus size,” wearing certain styles can be a problem. This could discourage a lot of females out there to look their best. A lot of women feel that just because certain styles are made for a certain dress size they won’t look good in them. Thankfully, there are garbs that can look great on any size, like plus size designer tunics.

Here are some tips to help you look and feel good wearing a tunic even if you’re not a size 4 or 0.

  • Ensure the right fit.

Many plus size women hide their flabs under layers or oversized clothing. This is so wrong on so many levels. Not only will you look bigger with baggy clothes but you’ll also look older and frumpier. With Australian plus size designer tunics, you can wear it any way you want. But make sure that it’s not too loose and still feminine-looking and flattering.

  • Choose clothes according to your body shape.

Plump women could have an hourglass figure, apple, pear, or carrot. With that in mind, you should make it a point to know your body shape before shopping for clothes. This way you’ll highlight your most loved body features, like your vivacious hips or defined waist. As a result, you’ll look thinner and taller.

  • Find an outfit according to the length of your legs.

Your frame’s vertical line is another important factor to choosing the right clothes. If you have short legs, you need garments that will help create the illusion of a stretched look. Wear shorter plus size designer tunics in Australia with heels to make your gams look slimmer and longer.

  • Show off your assets.

Always believe in the saying, “If you got it, flaunt it.” Show off the best features of your body. Do you have sizzling hot curves that will have men follow you around? Well, be proud of them by going for styles that complement them. For example, you can wear fitted plus size designer tunics to put your hourglass figure on full display. Visit at Kathleen Berney

  • Work with different fabrics.

What feels comfortable and what doesn’t? Knowing exactly the kind of fabric that feels good on your skin will also make your shopping easier, faster. If you are pear shaped with heavier bottoms, you’ll need clothes made of materials that highlight your upper body. These include linen, satin, georgette, chiffon, cotton, and polyester. With plus size designer tunics, you can never go wrong because they can be made from any kind of fabric to ensure that you’ll look amazing.

  • Don’t forget the accessories.

The right accessories are your best friend. Plus size designer tunics worn with big belts, for example, will not only hide your mid-section but will also give the illusion of a slender waist.

As you can see, plus size tunics are some of the most flattering pieces of clothing one can ever own. Find Australian plus size designer tunics by checking out They have some of the best selection of beautiful clothing that will make any woman look and feel good. More details at

Fashion FAQs: What to Expect from a Fashion Stylist

Fashion FAQs: What to Expect from a Fashion Stylist


Whether you want to improve your image to suit your career or you want to know how to shop smarter, the services of fashion stylists Brisbane has today can be of benefit to you. This type of service has been around for some time now and was once referred to as a style consulting business. Since then, it has evolved and has been referred to by various names. But the premise of the service remains the same: an individual or team will provide consultation to a client in terms of the styling choices to suit the latter’s needs.

fashion stylists brisbane

If you think you need the services of fashion stylists in Brisbane, you need to know what they can offer you. By understanding the services offered by the best fashion stylists Brisbane currently has, you will be able to maximize the services they can give.

What is a Stylist’s Job?

Brisbane fashion stylists come in various forms and name. Hence, it is easy for anyone who has no idea what this type of service is to get confused. There are other names that are used to refer to this kind of service such as image consultant, personal shopper, fashion consultant, or, simply, a stylist. There are subtle distinctions to each according to the focus of specialization. Nonetheless, the general description of their jobs and services are the same: to provide help and professional guidance in terms of picking fashion items to incorporate into the client’s personal and professional style.

There was a time wherein the services of fashion stylists were available only to celebrities and politicians. However, anyone can use these services nowadays and it is often utilized by individuals seeking to boost their career by enhancing their professional image.

What They Can Do For You

Before you hire fashion stylists Brisbane has to work for you, it is important that you are clear on your needs. Fashion and styling is a broad category. You need to identify exactly where and what type of help you need so the stylist can better assist you.

You have to remember that there is a cost involved with hiring a professional stylist. Therefore, it is often looked at as an investment such as that you may need help in tweaking your style and image to suit a professional role. You could use the services of a stylist to improve the way you dress for work. This might seem superficial, but in the world of business, brand imaging is a premium. If you want to earn a promotion or secure a job, you need to dress the part. Otherwise, you will be overcome by the intense level of competition in the employment world. As mentioned above, the services of a stylist are often used by celebrities and politicians. These are two industries that reflect the value of creating a personal image in relation to your job, or your ability to earn.

If you want to enlist the services of a fashion stylist, make sure you go for a name that you can trust. Visit to meet one of the most recognized fashion stylists Brisbane has today!