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Click to view the Arts Reach Catalog

Click on the image to view the Arts Reach Catalog

Arts Reach to Schools is a program of Central Sierra Arts Council. For twenty years, we have been organizing local artists who wish to bring their skills to classrooms and teach. Each school pays a “package” price to CSAC at the beginning of the school year. We keep it on account and use it to pay the artists who are invited by that school’s teachers to present programs in their classrooms.

Each school has an “arts lead,” who might be the principal or a teacher. Your school’s arts lead will receive a notice in September, alerting them that it’s time to buy this year’s package. They will return the Arts Reach contract to our office and arrange for the funds to be sent to CSAC. Then, they will let the teachers know it’s time to schedule some arts classes!

If you would like to bring an artist into your classroom, you start right here, by reviewing the offerings described in this online catalog. As you read about each artist’s programs, if you are interested in learning more or possibly scheduling a class, click on the email address in blue. That will enable you to send a note to the artist, asking any questions you have, or requesting a phone appointment. You can also look up the artist on the “Artists Bio” page to find their phone number. Feel free to just give them a call. You can talk about their class, their schedule, and arrange a day and time for them to visit your school.

After you schedule a session, come back to the online catalog and click on “Registration Form.” Use that form to let the CSAC office that you have scheduled a session. Within a few days, you will receive an email confirming that we got your form. After the artist appears in your classroom, they will bill us and we will draw down your school’s account to send payment.

Enjoy the catalog and if you have any questions at all, call the CSAC office at 209-532-ARTS (2787). This is our very first year of having the catalog online so if you have any suggestions for us, please share those too!

Deanna Maurer, Interim Executive Director, Central Sierra Arts CouncilThose cute little frogs in a pond!

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